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( 2nd June, 2018 )

97.6kg - Single again, and lost nearly 10kg in 2 months

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July 16th, 2016

                    I weighed 115.2kg and was constantly tired and lacking energy, and when it was announced that

a WORLD GYM was going to open in Surfers Paradise on Oct 28, 2016, I made the decision to start getting

into shape, and made a commitment to lose 20kg by the time World Gym opens on October 28th.

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It wasn’t a massive lifestyle change for me, as I was already eating quite healthy, I’ve never been into

junk-food, and I was always going for long power-walks along the beach on most mornings (about

8-10km), it was more a case of reducing the amount of alcohol that

I drink, being more consistent and intense with my exercise, and by

ensuring that my body was getting all the nutrients it needs by

taking the right supplements, and most importantly, surrounding

myself with people who were supportive of my

weight-loss and health goals, in my case that

was my best friend Monique, and daughter

Katrina. This is crucial, as it’s very difficult to

achieve your health and wellness goals if your

spouse is unsupportive and prefers you the way

you are (this was the case with me when I used

to be married, I was in this shape for 13 years).

August 20th, 2016

                    Progress in the first month was a little on the slow side, with just under 2kg lost, as I was 

easing into the reduced alcohol consumption side of my Healthy Body Challenge, still drinking a bottle

of wine a night about 4-5 nights a week, previously that was a bottle a night, a habit that formed over

13 years of marriage, and one that takes a bit of effort and discipline to get into.

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For consistency and to make it easier to see my progress, I’m

doing similar poses, plus one where I’m “sucking it in”.

My plan for the second month was to

further reduce the amount of alcohol I

would drink, reducing my “cheat days”

from 4 to 5 days a week to around

2 to 3 days.

In the first month, my early morning

beach power-walks were about 30min,

and in this second month, I’m upping

the ante by increasing this to around

45 minutes each morning.

September 19th, 2016

                    It’s “steady-as-she-goes” with my progress into the 2nd month, with my weight loss averaging

around the half kilo per week mark, lost just under 2kg in the 2nd month, and keeping to my plan of

sticking to alcohol on only 2 to 3 nights a week, and getting out there every morning for a 45 minute

power-walk along the beach, and making sure I take the right supplements each day.

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Even though it’s only just on 2kg lost in the past month, results are

beginning to show, slowly but surely.

Muscle weighs twice as much as fat, and my

increasing the duration and intensity of my

early morning power-walks causes muscles

to grow, especially in my legs, which slows

down the progress on the scales. Having said

that, my original goal was to lose 20kg by the

time World Gym Surfers Paradise opens on

October 28th, and at this pace, there is no way

I’m going  to achieve this goal, so I need to pick

up the pace, and that means more intensity with

my early morning power-walk and less alcohol !

October 16th, 2016

                    5.8kg lost in the past month !!!   That was the result of cutting back drastically on alcohol, drinking

only on 1 to 2 nights a week, and instead of the whole bottle, just a glass or two of wine, and the results show

what a difference this made, compared to the previous two months. Now I can see myself achieving my

original goal of losing 20kg by the time World Gym Surfers Paradise opens in just under two weeks’ time on

October 28th !!!   

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October 28th, 2016

Surfers Paradise

Opens !!!

Weighing in at 94.5kg on the opening day of World Gym Surfers Paradise, I’ve achieved my goal of losing 20kg since I started with my Healthy Body Challenge !!! 

Today marks the beginning of Phase #2 of my Healthy Body Challenge. The past 3 months was Phase #1, which

was to get rid most of the pot-belly by losing 20kg, and now it’s time to get buff with the commencement of

Phase #2, which sees my early morning power-walks increase in intensity to including jogging, and going to the

Gym on 5 to 6 days a week, and from now on, there’s less focus on bodyweight, 

When it comes to choosing a gym membership, my recommendation is to look for a 24/7 gym, one that is open all hours, this way there can be

no excuses standing in your way to you achieving your health and wellness goals. From personal experiences I can tell you that no matter what

you think right now, or what your temptations may be when it comes to choosing a gym, such as “amazing facilities”, such as a Swimming Pool, Sauna, Spa, Classes and lots of hot chicks to perve on, joining one of those big health clubs such as Fitness First, which open early morning and close early evening, can be problematic if your work circumstances change. I’ve been there, done that, and 24/7 Gyms are the best by far, and

World Gym are by far the best. If there’s one near you, it’s less than $20 per week, you can get in and do your workout anytime you want, 24/7.


October 30th, 2016


                    There’s much less focus now on my bodyweight and more focus on muscles and

general appearance in Phase #2 of my Healthy Body Challenge, as I begin the Gym part of

my programme. As you can see from these photos, I’m starting to look quite lean, and now

it’s time to pack on some muscles !!     The diet regime continues: Sensible eating, taking

the right supplements, and go easy on the alcohol, aiming at drinking only on around 2

nights per week, and only in moderation.

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November 12th, 2016


                    Consistency is the key to success, not so much weight-loss showing on the scales, but working out at the Gym is starting to show

results. Taking the right supplements, eating sensibly and going very easy on the alcohol  :))

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92.5kg ~ Shot at Powerplay 24/7 Gym @ Yanchep, WA

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December 26th, 2016


                    I’m spending 3 weeks over  Christmas and New Year together with my daughter Katrina over on the other side of Australia with my

Parents, who live on the northern outskirts of Perth, Western Australia, in Yanchep, which is a 5½ hour flight from the Gold Coast, Queensland,

where we live. Unfortunately, the nearest World Gym is quite a drive away, about an hours’ drive from where my parents live, now most people

would be inclined to focus on eating and drinking during the festive season rather than the gym, not me, I’m focused on my health and wellness

goals, and did a bit of research and discovered there’s quite a good 24/7 gym nearby, which is ‘Powerplay Health and Fitness”, about 2km up

the road, and like most gyms, offer memberships for visitors, in this case their normal $129 per month was available for $99, as part of a special

Christmas offer during their quiet period, so I joined up, and here are some photos taken from Matt Young’s excellent local gym facilities :

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December 30th, 2016


                   The good thing about getting into shape and looking and feeling fantastic is...  FEELING FANTASTIC !

Spent the day in Fremantle with my youngest daughter, Katrina, during our visit to Western Australia, great opportunity for some selfies !!

Who said “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson was

the only one who can take “sexy selfies” ???

January 12th, 2017


                   Back on the Gold Coast now, the body weight is up a little, as I start putting on some more muscle, also a few drinkies too many over the Christmas break with mum and dad didn’t help my weightloss ambitions either, so here’s a couple of progress photos with the

usual poses from my usual spot down at the beach to make comparisons easier:

May/June 2017 - Girlfriend and... Weight Gain :( 

96kg to 109kg

in the 9 month relationship

----- stay tuned, the girl is gone, and ROG IS BACK - with a vengeance !

I met Myrna through work, when she joined our Telemarketing team at Marquis Marketing in Southport.

Looking back, I have absolutely no idea what attracted her to me in the first place, I’m loud, in-your-face,

                                                                    flex my biceps - free tickets to the gun show, and I’d flex my

                                                                    biceps during work break times, and crack lewd jokes much to

                                                                    the bemusement of fellow co-workers, whilst also raving on

                                                                    about bitcoins, then crack some more rude jokes and such.


                                                                    Myrna is a true Christian Evangelist and lives and breathes the

                                                                    preachings of the Bible, so I suppose she saw in me my

                                                                    evangelistic attitude with cryptocurrencies and how strongly I believe in this technology, and no

                                                                    doubt she found me attractive on a physical level, I wasn’t quite into this whole Jesus thing, and

                                                                    instead of diving right in, I stuck with coming to church with her at Surf City on Sundays, but stuck

                                                                    with my (paid) Thursday night cryptocurrency webinars. She’d be consistent in telling me I should

                                                                    give up these webinars, forget about the $us50 I’m paid for 2 hours of waffling on-line about my

                                                                    take on the past week’s crypto scene, and come along to her bible class. Her take on this was

that I’m “living in the flesh”, and that the Lord provides and I should quit the webinars (and the income it provides), and come to her bible

study class. Her feelings towards my health and fitness goals were along similar lines. Her dietary habits aren’t entirely healthy, she’d insist

I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, when I’m staying over at her place, she’d fry the bacon and the eggs in 1-2cm of cooking oil, she’d get

upset if I suggest using much less oil, or me have cereal and fruits for breakfast, I’d stay over on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights,

on the Wednesday and Fridays, instead of heading back to Surfers Paradise, I’d swing by for a workout over at World Gym Ashmore, I’d

rock up to her place, apparently its customary that I should bring with me a bottle of wine every night I’m over, so I started drinking wine

during the weekdays again, I’ve done well staying off drinking wine during weekdays since returning from Perth with my daughter, also

Myrna’s cooking is patchy from a health perspective, sometimes she’d cook awesome meals, which are quite healthy, but too many times

it would be a case of Party Pies, Meat Pies, Sausage Rolls, Fish Fingers, again not things which have been part of my regular diet, but again

if I’d offer alternative suggestions for healthy eating she’d get upset. Not that she’s working or anything like that, during our 9 month

relationship, since she was dismissed from Marquis Marketing she hasn’t worked since, living on government benefits and living in public

housing, running her bible study classes, going to church, struggling financially and often having to rely for financial assistance from her

two teen daughters, Tianna and Marian, one works for a child care centre fulltime in southport, the other in a nearby Subway outlet.

She was always somewhat on the negative side with my working out at the gym and exercising (running and cycling) every day, I truly loved

her and started to back off my fitness regime, and subsequently, the weight started to creep up, and my waistline begun to slowly expand,

and then two things happened that caused me to break off the relationship :

  1. 1.I was getting close to 110kg, and the props and clothing I use for my Fiverr videos - - started getting too tight,

    was on the verge of not fitting into my suit anymore. Alarm Bell #1 was ringing

  1. 2.With the Commonwealth Games approaching, Myrna (who is a qualified sports and

    remedial massage therapist) said she’ll be working again, often late, and often on

    Sundays, and this instead of going to church. Whilst I was immensely proud of her

    in these respects, I was looking back at her comments that the lord provides and I

    should stop living in the flesh, and not worry about the money, and thinking “hang on”,

    she says one thing but then does the opposite, and for me that was Alarm Bell #2 ringing,

    I absolutely loved that women but I was getting a distorted view of Christianity here,

    and subsequently I told her we can’t have a relationship, she wants me to fully immerse

    myself in her christianity and stuff, but she has absolutely zero interest in getting involved

    with anything on my side, like joining me at the Gym, coming for bike rides, jumping in

    the water for a swim at the beach or down in the pool, walks along the beach,

    bushwalking and exploring the great outdoors and seeing places, instead of sitting at home all day reading the bible and watching TV...

                                                               I started spending more time with my youngest daughter, Katrina, as I opened up to her about my

                                                               relationship experiences with Myrna, she really liked Myrna as a person, and the fact that she was

                                                               a christian, I told Katrina I’m over this christianity bullshit, christians are weird, they live by double

                                                               standards, whether it’s Myrna, or my good friend Monique (catholic), goes to church, drinks too

                                                               much wine, uses foul language and talks behind other people’s backs, then there’s Gold Coast

                                                               City Council Mayor Tom Tate, a christian who breaks promises and generally comes across in

                                                               acting in very un-christian ways.....

No, Katrina, I can’t be a christian. Christians are weird and aside from all that, I like going to the gym, being strong and healthy, and

looking after myself.

So, me and Katrina spent more time together, plenty of “daddy-daughter time”, unlike Myrna, she wouldn’t continually push christianity

on me, until one day she said “you’ve got to come to Metro church with me this Saturday”. I wasn’t overly keen on the idea, but she said

I really needed to come along, pick you up, I guarantee you won’t regret it. That was on their Saturday night service, March 24th, 2018....

So what happened on that Saturday night, March 24th, 2018, over at Metro Church in Ridgman Drive, Southport ?

We walked in there, into the Cafe area, and there was this huge, buff dude who looked rather familiar,

seen him around a few times up at World Gym Burleigh. That’s the guy with the beard, on the left.

His name is Rob Quatro, he’s won one world title, and just this month came 2nd in the Arnold Classic

qualifier here on the Gold Coast, and as it turns out, he’s also a christian... ! 

And he was speaking at church tonight (Metro Church is his ‘home church’ as it is now mine....)

Watch this immensely powerful and compelling video:       (it blew me away and brought me ‘across the line’)

                                                                                                                                                                                    Interesting, so it IS ok to take pride in your body,

                                                                                                                                                                                    look after it, be strong and healthy *AND* be a



                                                                                                                                                                                    Referring to the Bible, in 1:Corinthians 6 19-20, it

                                                                                                                                                                                    states that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.


                                                                                                                                                                                    This is in-line with what I’ve been taught over the

                                                                                                                                                                                    years, for example motivational speaker Jim Rohn

                                                                                                                                                                                    said “Take care of your body. It’s the only place

                                                                                                                                                                                    you have to live”.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Buddha also stated that “To keep the body in good

                                                                                                                                                                                health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to

                                                                                                                                                                                    keep our mind strong and clear”.

Now Myrna said more than a few times that she does not believe in Buddha, and that I should forget about all that and not mention him,

or his teachings in her presence, she’s a Christian and that’s that.

Well, I’ve had a distorted view of Christianity to this date, I started to believe that “Christians are Weird” because i’ve only met weird christians. Likewise, the lovely Myrna has a distorted view about Bodybuilders and those who are passionate about health and fitness.

Her understanding is we do this in vain, look at my big muscles, show off to others, and she seems to believe that guys with big muscles

have “an evil streak”, when in reality quite the opposite is the case. Gentle giant is something that springs to mind here.

Anyways, ROG IS BACK !!!!- and back on track, training, no distractions, and I’m also studying - Diploma in Sports Nutrition ....

March 24, 2018 - The Night RoG Became a Christian






No more distractions. Ladies, if you want to be friends with the RoG, it’s ON MY TERMS. My way or the Highway !!!!


Making good progress without having to put up with a woman that’s negative about my health and fitness

goals. Stay tuned, as the months progress, I’ll be getting leaner and more muscular, my target weight for

August is to be below 90kg, and so far I’m well on-track.

The key to success is getting rid of negative people, eating healthy, exercising regularly and going easy on

alcohol !  As you can see here, I’m now also a qualified Sports & Exercise Nutritionist (got my diploma!)

....... created on a Macbook. :)

These two selfies were taken 3 weeks

apart, as you can see, the belly fat is

disappearing, whilst muscle mass is